The First Step.. ‘The Chat’

So how is this suppose to be approached?!  The forward “This is what I want, you game?!” Or skirt around it and get the host of whether it’s an option or not?! Well.. I went for the latter, I skirted around, and dropped as many hints as possible, all to no avail, and then.. BOOM, it just slips out like torrettes, no control what so ever — and then it’s out there. Scary right?! Or is it just me.. that fear of rejection, or disappointment and hope all in one.. I’m in suspense. Tell me, go on, spit it out, put me out my misery! So she says those magic words.. but along came many questions, fears and tribulations.”if you’re pregnant and the biological parent, what am I?!” “Legally I am nothing, it’ll be YOUR baby” “where do I stand if things go Pete tong?!” —

i pause, words at this moment are few to none.. as if a same sex relationship doesn’t have its mountains to climb anyways, lets throw some bold queries out there for you to ponder on! All perfectly acceptable (I guess), because she is observant, biologically we would find it difficult to have a child together.. that is something that science does not allow, however this is the next best thing — given kindly by a gentleman offering his produce, up for a couple dedicated to each other, their life, and wanting to bring a lil bit of magic.


If if this is the case, why do I feel so bad for not understanding where she is coming from?! Why can’t I grasp her point and help her to see mine?! Am I looking for words she cannot give me?! Those magic “This is OUR baby, and WE will bring him/her to know that it is OURS”. Of course, that’s a lil bit of  play on words, but you get the just right?! How can  i help her.. and help myself?  How can I prioritise our future and family, as much as us as a couple?!


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